gastronomic evening

Two films I saw last Tuesday night while lazying around on my couch.  Both related to food – surprise!

Three Stars is a documentary that takes a look at the restaurants that have been awarded Michelin stars all over the world.  It was a bit slow and I did not think it really delved into what truly makes a restaurant be considered worthy of even one Michelin star.  The doc does touch on the mystery of the whole thing, especially the progression from two to three stars, but it all sort of skimmed the surface.  I thought that Jiro Dreams of Sushi (while focusing on only one Michelin three star restaurant) was a much better look at what defines a great chef and a great kitchen.

The Trip was next on the list.

Basically Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon are the reasons to see this film.  They are great, the chemistry between them is great, there’s lots of laughs, but the actual movie itself was sort of dull and seemed dragged out in parts.  If you are a fan of the two actors, who are pretty much the only two faces you see for 90% of the movie, this is worth a watch. Otherwise, meh.