Although the bear will probably remain at the top of my “favorite animals” hierarchy for the rest of my life, foxes are becoming a close second.  Not really sure why, but over the past few months I have become kind of obsessed with this fairly small furry animal.  There is something about them that is very beautiful, but perhaps I have Aesop to thank for also thinking of them as sly, scheming, and smart creatures.  And don’t they, with their bright orange fur, fit right in to the fall season?  Let’s have a look…

Fantastic Mr. Fox. Not my favorite Wes Anderson movie but it is certainly up there.

Dapper Fox Ties
source: Scatterbrain Ties on Etsy

Sitting Fox plate by Becky Baur

His and Hers fox hoodies from Canada Cosplay


Adorable flying fox brooch by designer Peppermint Daydream


Vintage Fox Hunt Whiskey Glasses
(source: Tagfinds on Etsy)

F is for Fox illustration by Oana Befort


Fox print fabric – not sure what I would make out of this but it is super cute.

the real deal – oh so pretty