and you thought the hermitage cats were cool…

Just to go along with yesterday’s post on the feline employees of the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia, did you also know that Russian feral dogs in Moscow have not only become quite clever at stealing food from pedestrians but have also managed to navigate and use the expansive subway system?

Well they have and I am pretty sure we can all start panicking…!  Because we all know that their intelligence will only continue to expand, pretty soon they will be wearing pants, and driving cars, and stealing our jobs, and eventually forming some sort of world government (in collaboration with the Saucer People) and it’s all down hill for us from there.

So enjoy the freedom while you can simple humans, I am going to try to win over on the canine side.  First step, let’s all look at some pictures and watch this video about our imminent overlords.

don’t worry, I’ll get the next one!

Some extra reading:

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