claire basler may just live in my dream home

From My Modern Met:

Claire Basler is a French floral painter who lives and works in a former schoolhouse in Les Ormes, right outside of Paris. On a daily basis, she creates huge floral arrangements and puts them around her house, using them as sources of inspiration for her paintings. “In her garden, she witnesses nature’s fight for life against the wind, the rain, and the sun,” according to theTelegraph. “This is what Claire Basler portrays in her paintings: the strength and frailty of a flower, the reassuring nature of a tree, the metamorphosis of a simple poppy.

Just have a look at this amazing space.  Major swoon!

0920 home of artist Claire Basler clairebasler06 claire-basler-6 clairebasler09 clairebasler10 clairebasler12 clairebasler022 clairebasler024 studio



toronto prints

With the very real prospect of moving apartments coming up, I have started to think about some decorating ideas.  I think that some Toronto-themed art would be pretty neat.  I already have one panoramic photograph of the Toronto skyline but I keep seeing other cool prints around that I wouldn’t mind having.

Some below.

source: Etsy By Raymond E. Biesinger

source: – Raymond E. Biesinger

source: - MapHazardly

source: – MapHazardly

source: - Loose Petalssource: – Loose Petals

source: - Designed by Yoni

source: – Designed by Yoni

source: - DesignsByEJB

source: – Designs By EJB

source: - PaperBleu

source: – PaperBleu

source: Choose any TO subway station for a decal

Choose any TO subway station for a decal

Also, this.  And this.

barber tame the beast

These ads are too funny.  I think the one with the bear is my favorite.






This is a campaign that says male grooming isn’t just for Derek Zoolander, but for the ordinary man on the street. Its insight draws on the fact that inside every male, there is a hairy, unkempt, animal clawing to get out. And that’s a beast that needs taming.

– Al Moseley, executive creative director at 180 Amsterdam, the agency behind the campaign

Also, check out the Barber site.  Male grooming is a fascinating thing to me.  I think I would personally (if I was a dude that is) go with The Obi-Wan or The Hemingway…based purely on the names.

tell me more

Check out this very cool clock from toer studio.  I was trying to find more info about what the white powder in the clock is and how it all works but I couldn’t really come up with much.  But still a very cool concept.

From the site

“Shaped-by-time” is a clock that shapes itself by the passage of time. Because it’s looking for the most efficient way to move itself through the matter it will create an organic form by the slow repetitive movement of time.
Time is slightly visible when the clock starts running, after a few days it excavates itself out of the matter and time will appear. From then on it slowly starts creating it’s organic form in which it will find it’s ideal shape.
When you want to forget time, shake it a bit and it will start all over again with finding it’s way. Like time heals wounds, this clock literally heals itself by time.

It is only €79 + shipping so if anyone wants to get it for me so I can investigate further I will be more than happy to give you my mailing address.  :)


Although the bear will probably remain at the top of my “favorite animals” hierarchy for the rest of my life, foxes are becoming a close second.  Not really sure why, but over the past few months I have become kind of obsessed with this fairly small furry animal.  There is something about them that is very beautiful, but perhaps I have Aesop to thank for also thinking of them as sly, scheming, and smart creatures.  And don’t they, with their bright orange fur, fit right in to the fall season?  Let’s have a look…

Fantastic Mr. Fox. Not my favorite Wes Anderson movie but it is certainly up there.

Dapper Fox Ties
source: Scatterbrain Ties on Etsy

Sitting Fox plate by Becky Baur

His and Hers fox hoodies from Canada Cosplay


Adorable flying fox brooch by designer Peppermint Daydream


Vintage Fox Hunt Whiskey Glasses
(source: Tagfinds on Etsy)

F is for Fox illustration by Oana Befort


Fox print fabric – not sure what I would make out of this but it is super cute.

the real deal – oh so pretty


look & see

source: ? I sometimes hate Pinterest for this. You see stuff you like and can’t credit anyone for it…and in this case even Google Image search was useless.

-The Postliminary-

This also reminds me of “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” as spoken by Wayne Dyer.  Yeah, I know, deep.  Think about it.


If you know me personally, you know there are two shows I can quote like nobody’s business:

  1. The Simpsons
  2. Seinfeld

I adore the first 10-15 seasons of The Simpsons and I love, love, love all things Seinfeld and Larry David related.  So when I saw these prints on A Cup Of Jo I may have hyperventilated a little.  They are so great, n’est pas?

See them all here.


-The Postliminary-

If you are a Seinfeld fan I hope you are being kind to yourself and tuning in every week to catch the mini-show (each episode is under 15 min) of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.  It is exactly what it sounds like.  Jerry Seinfeld (who is a vintage car enthusiast) drives around in a different car each week with a different comedian, they go get coffee, and the whole thing is videotaped, edited, and posted on …drum roll please…!  Some of my favorite guests so far have been Larry David, Alec Baldwin, and Bob Einstein.