debunking detox

I have been reading up more on the whole idea of doing “detoxes” and “cleanses” after reading Bad Science by Ben Goldacre and here is a good resource that summarizes what a bunch of bologna it all is.

At the end of the day eating well, getting rest, exercising, and other healthy lifestyle choices will always beat out fad diets and products, which, at best, probably won’t help you at all but, at worst, could potentially do damage!

I write all of this somewhat begrudgingly because I was sold the detox agenda for a long time and completely gobbled it up.  However, I am also happy that I now know better and can make more informed decisions.

I just want to be clear, I am not saying that all forms of giving your body a break from eating heavy or hard to digest foods is bad (we all tend to eat a little more salad after Christmas holidays I think), but making drastic changes to your diet with the intention of “flushing out toxins” is probably not the way to go.  At least, it is not necessary.

The pamphlet: Detox Leaflet (

the more you know


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