jane eyre

Well I can say that this is a book now crossed off my “Classics That I should Read Sometime” list, but I don’t think it will be getting added to my “Favorite Books of All Time” list.  I didn’t hate it but I did find it quite drawn out in parts with a very very long dialogues, however I found it tedious in parts to keep going.  However, I think this speaks more to the writing style of the time as opposed to Bronte’s failings in any way as an author.  In all honesty, the book pulled me along because I was curious to see what was going to happen to Jane, however once the I hit the last hundred pages or so, and especially when I got to the last twenty, I won’t lie, I was skimming.  There is enough mystery and suspense throughout the majority of the book that kept me interested, but once the end was pretty obvious I lost the patience to read with my full attention.

I will also add that I think if I read this book in school and really did the deep analysis of the characters, themes, the book’s place in history, etc I would have probably appreciated it much more.  And although there is nothing stopping me from doing this on my own, I am just not sure that realistically I will spend the time.  However, this Thug Notes clip was somewhat informative.

Warning: contains MAJOR spoilers!

-The Postliminary-

I really held off on looking up any film or TV adaptations of the novel prior to having finished reading it because I didn’t want any of the actors or scenes to influence how I imagined the people and places to look.  However, I did some digging around on Sunday night and it seems that fans of this book quite like the 2006 Masterpiece Theatre four-part series TV adaptation as well as the 2011 film version directed by Cary Fukunaga and staring gasp! Michael Fassbender as Edward Rochester.  I am quite keen on watching both of these adaptations and seeing how closely they align to how I pictured the events and people of the novel.


I have watched both the 2006 series and the 2011 film and I think that the series wins hands down as being the better adaptation.  I believed the chemistry between Jane and Edward much more and it was more true to the book.  Although I am a big fan of Michael Fassbender I thought that his matching with Mia Wasikowska didn’t quite pan out in the film and I definitely didn’t feel as connected to them as their equivalent pair in the series.  I will also add that compared to the book which is quite lengthy and often goes into great descriptions and dialogues, both the series and the film just flies through the narrative in comparison.  So much so that I am not sure I would have appreciated either as much had I not read the book first and knew the full back story.


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