a new approach

I have written on here many times before about my struggle with working towards, and maintaining goals.  Judging by the amount of books, articles, research, and other writers’ blog posts there are on the subject, I am not alone.  We tend to all have a very clear idea of what we need to do to be better, healthier, smarter, more productive and yet, we all seem to struggle with making that vision a reality.

Some new research suggests that how we verbally frame our choices may make a significant difference in our behaviour.

Your words help to frame your sense of empowerment and control. Furthermore, the words that you use create a feedback loop in your brain that impacts your future behaviors.

For example, every time you tell yourself “I can’t”, you’re creating a feedback loop that is a reminder of your limitations. This terminology indicates that you’re forcing yourself to do something you don’t want to do.

In comparison, when you tell yourself “I don’t”, you’re creating a feedback loop that reminds you of your control and power over the situation. It’s a phrase that can propel you towards breaking your bad habits and following your good ones.

I think I am going to give this a shot with a few things and see what happens.  If I have any great results I will let you know!

source: toothpastefordinner.com

source: toothpastefordinner.com


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