a dream

I had a FANTASTIC dream last night that actually had me wake up with a blissful smile on my face.  It is a bit odd, as most dreams are, but hear me out.  In my dream my dad, who was “played” by John Goodman, and I were the only (?), or at least two of few people in the world who knew how to fly.  The dream started with him teaching me how to get off the ground and climb higher.  We started off just at home and then eventually got outside where I learned to fly higher and higher and do flips and stuff in the air.  I was living in Canada but going to university in Japan where I would fly to on my own for classes.  My school was in a major urban centre filled with some very tall skyscrapers.  My classes were in one of these buildings.  Since in my dream people flying was a novelty I would show up to class early and perform acrobatics on the streets as a way of busking to make money,  I would climb through the air to dizzying heights,  I could feel the strong wind and my heart would start pounding as I would look down, see people the size of ants, boats that looked like toys off the shoreline, and would ready my nerves for what was to come next.  I would then do some flips up in the air while onlookers strained their eyes to see me so high up above them, and then, when I could muster the nerve I would dive head first towards the pavement.  Gaining speed, my nerves going crazy, I prepared for the abrupt stop that I would make mere feet above the pavement as my big finale.  The two times I actually experienced this in my dream, my dive was a thrilling success.  I would stop short just shy of death, flip over on my feet, gather my hat of performance money that my audience gave me and walk away to attend my classes.

It was such a great dream.  I have always wanted to fly and this seemed so realistic.  I woke up and immediately my brain started to pull apart the reality and started questioning how I could possibly fly on my own to Japan on a semi-daily basis for classes, how I would be able to stop so quickly after racing towards the ground from on high, but I tried to put all these thoughts aside and just enjoy the fantasy.  I laid in bed for a bit with my eyes closed, picturing myself just flying around on my own in the country, over fields, doing flips and other acrobatics.  It felt like pure joy.

Sigh.  It would be so amazing if I could!


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