a reluctant update

You know what really grinds my gears?  When I come across a blog, especially one that I have never been to before and the lead post, or at least one of the first five posts, is about how the author has just been so busy and hasn’t posted anything, but promises to do better.  And then I look at the date and that apologetic post was written five months prior with maybe a few posts since then.  For this reason I really try to not do that on here.  I would rather try to keep posting as much as possible instead of apologizing and not actually acting on that apology.  However, if you are a regular visitor of The Shanty I am sure you have noticed that the posts have been pretty few and far between.   I would like to say that this is because I am really busy, but the truth is I just don’t know what to write about.

Two weeks ago I thought that maybe trying to do daily posts is just unrealistic and thought about going to a Monday, Wednesday, Friday post schedule with Sundays being the “Extra Ingredients” which is sort of like a half post (requires some effort but not really my own ideas).  But here we are, Wednesday, and I definitely did not post anything on Monday and am writing a post about not writing posts today.

I really like doing this blog and as much I love hearing from people that they like reading it, I really enjoy doing this for myself.  I am actually quite amazed that what started off as a little experiment has turned into almost 900 posts years later.  When I scroll through the pages of this baby I am truly proud of how much work I have put into it.  However, I am a bit lost now.

When I first started, and for about two years after, I would constantly be thinking about post ideas.  I had notes on my phone of topics I spontaneously would think of as I went about my day-to-day life.  I had ideas!  Every day! And now…

source: theexaminer.com

I just can’t think of good things to write about.  Not even good things, any things.

It makes me a bit worried and it makes my brain feel a little more mushy than normal.

Maybe a shake-up is in order.  I have been thinking that for a while now, of still keeping this blog but changing it somehow.  Maybe I should just accept the inevitable and turn this into a Cat blog.  Cat photos!  Cat gifs!  Cat jokes!  Cat videos!  ALL DAY EVERY DAY!  I wonder how that would affect my readership numbers…

Hmmmm….yes, it says here that there is a direct relationship between cat videos and reported happiness levels.


5 thoughts on “a reluctant update

  1. ummm are you throwing shade my way because it’s a little brrr over here. (jk I am genuinely debating shutting TVB down. When did content become so tough?)

  2. Haha, I go months without posting… I blame it on busy-ness.
    Maybe you’re enjoying living life too daymn much to spend it glued to a computer screen in a one-way monologue?

    Anyway, I do think you could explore themes or ideas of some kind… sort of like a journalistic sleuthing in a specific direction. Aspects of life in the T-dot? Most famous cats of all time? The guest posts you would write on blogs that have fallen by the writer’s wayside? What’s brewing in your mug today? Most inspiring contributions to society by children under 5 years of age?

    You’ll know it when the right thing comes along… My point is, might be fun to specialize in this or that, at least for awhile, as an alternative to the generalist thing you have down pat.

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