the true size of africa

I found out something today that really blew my mind.  Did you know that Africa is a much bigger continent than what we perceive it to be on a map?  This is due to what is called Mercator projection that is the accepted way to get around the difficulties of trying to represent a spherical shape on a flat surface.

Africa is so large in fact that the following countries can all fit inside of it:

The continental USA, China, India, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Greece, Sweden, Norway, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Japan, Mexico, Peru, Nepal, Bangladesh and Papua New Guinea.

No way that could be possible right?!  Especially both the USA AND China?  But it’s true!

Check out this project by Kai Krause who took all of the above countries, and based on their area in square kilometres fit them all into this one massive continent.  Bananas!

For the full graphic click here.

As I said, my mind is blown by this…anyone else?  Or is this totally common knowledge that I have not been privy to?


Also, the world map adjusted for population.


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