honest by

Wow, am I ever impressed with the clothing online European retailer Honest By.  When things like the Bangladesh factory collapse happen we all become a little more nervous about where our clothes are coming from.  However, I think that sometimes it is difficult to justify spending many times more on clothes that we think are more “ethical” because do we really know how the company got to a certain price?  Are we paying too much just for mark up?

Honest by takes that doubt away with incredibly detailed transparency about the clothes they sell.

Honest by continuously offers new collections from established and upcoming designers .
We conduct extensive research into the sources of the raw materials, we trace back the origins of fabrics and trimmings used in the products to be certain that every element in each garment is as environmentally friendly as possible, that the well being of the client’s skin is taken into consideration and that the working conditions in the production facilities are safe, for every product we sell. Honest by chooses not to distribute leather goods, or clothes that are made or trimmed with fur, shell or horn. The only animal products our selections do contain are wool and silk. The wool used in the garments we propose is either certified organic, recycled or sourced from selected farms in countries like the UK, where laws on farming ensure the welfare of animals. The raw material of the silk items in our store are all certified organic. We also offer vegan designs, entirely free of animal products.
We regularly invite international designers to create a ‘Green’ item, look or collection exclusively for the Honest by store. 20% of the profit we make on our designer collaboration collections will go to a charity chosen by the invited designers, while 80% will fund growth, including hiring new staff and expansion of its offer.

Here is an example.  Let’s say I was interested in buying this dress

Here are all of the pieces of information available to me about it

  • Material – where every single piece of fabric, button, trim, zipper, and anything else came from
  • Manufacturing details – what garment company actually made this dress. How many fittings there were.  Where the manufacturer is located.
  • Price calculation – down to the very. last. detail.

Have a look!  It’s pretty amazing!

Now that’s a company who is really putting their money where their mouth is.  Bravo!


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