welcome to august

“Can you believe it’s August already????”

Yeah yeah, calm down.  Summer always seems to fly by so it really shouldn’t be a surprise if it seems like the May 2-4 weekend was mere weeks ago.  These warm months are prime real estate to fill up with weekend adventures, weddings, out of town trips, and all sorts of fun stuff in the sun that we Canadians kind of can’t do for over half of the year.

But fear not, we {hopefully} have about a month or two left of pretty warm weather.  So now’s the time to really cease the day and start cramming every nook and cranny (did I get that right?!  I actually first wrote “neck and croonie”) with outdoorsy things!

Why, isn’t this weekend a perfect time to start?  Yes.  Yes it is.  It’s a long one folks so you have no excuses.  The bf and I are taking an even longer weekend and heading to Killbear Provincial Park for Sunday and Monday nights.  I am suspecting that the Monday night will be especially quiet and relaxing there once the long weekend campers with kids have hopefully departed.  Either way, it looks like a beautiful place so I am sure we will have a good time.  Friday after work and Saturday are still up a bit in the air but I am sure we will manage to get some summer-y things done, perhaps those involving a BBQ.  Maybe even some from this list. Yum!

Hope you have a great August starting with a fabulous long weekend!

How cute is this print called “Camping in the Woods” by Teagan White?

Available for purchase here


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