new home

Quick little update on the moving/unpacking/cat merging process.

Overall things have been oh so great!  After four years of living alone I was so worried about sharing my space, but instead I have found such amazing comfort in knowing that I share this new space with someone.  It’s been really nice to have someone around to have dinner with, watch movies with, and fall asleep with.  And I am not just talking about the kitties. =^.^=

We still have some unpacking to do, some reorganizing, some touching up of paint, but I would say we are about 80% all settled in.  We found out earlier this week that out main floor neighbors will be moving out by the end of August so we also have some new neighborinos to look forward to.  The ones living below us currently have been sort of grumpy and unfriendly since we moved in so we are hoping for some nicer folk this time around.

As for the cats, things are progressing.  They are no longer isolated from each other (unless we need to give them time outs when the growling and hissing reach all time highs) and for the most part are learning how to live with one another.  Surprisingly the cat that we worried about the most has been the most docile during the whole process, while Billy, my “poor little baby” who I was so worried about, has been hissing up a storm and so far has been the one to throw the first punch, or swat if you will, most of the time.  I think we probably still have a week or two of some hostility until things really settle down.

And I promise that the before/after pics are still to come!  We just need to unpack some more boxes, and find cat tuxedos for the photo shoot!

On a related note…

I found a good place for my love


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