ok this is great

Well we all know that Jay-Z has 99 problems (but a b#^@h ain’t one).  But what ARE the major problems of this multimillionaire star?  Check out Ali Graham’s tumblr to see daily postings.

Because even though he is famous and has money, let’s not forget that rappers still have feelings.

tumblr_mpu701JNEZ1s3cqiio1_500 tumblr_mpcwmcK00T1s3cqiio1_500 tumblr_moua5zBnH71s3cqiio1_500 tumblr_moswvqY64d1s3cqiio1_500 tumblr_mo717ls2121s3cqiio1_500 tumblr_mo7104YAT71s3cqiio1_500 tumblr_modgnuYEga1s3cqiio1_500 tumblr_mofcyfuQ8T1s3cqiio1_500 tumblr_mo70v3XTeR1s3cqiio1_500 tumblr_mo9vtmJRY71s3cqiio1_500



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