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If this ice bar existed in Toronto, this is where I would have been all week. (http://www.nwitimes.com)

Robin Williams in a tickle fight with a gorilla (http://www.youtube.com)

When my sister was here we spent one afternoon drinking coffee and eating Vegetarian Antipasti at John’s Italian Caffe on Baldwin.  I sort of forgot all about that little street for a bit.  Although it was a little too hot to do so on the day we were there, I really like sitting on their patio out front.  A good place to do some people watching!

That same day we wandered over to Nathan Phillips Square and looked at Ai Weiwei’s art installation Circle of Animals/Zodiac Heads.  You can see photos of me and Ana posing with our Chinese zodiac animals above.  I am especially looking forward to his exhibition at the AGO which opens August 17th.

Have you seen the trailer for The Fifth Estate? It’s a film made by Dreamworks about Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.  I cringed as soon as I saw that this was coming out.  It may be interesting but I am going to assume it takes a pretty pro ‘merica stand point and that the script also took liberties with the “truth”.  I am also surprised that this film has already been made considering that the Julian Assange story, as far as I can tell anyway, is far from over.  Side note, I wonder if the CBC cares that the film used one of their network’s TV show titles?


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