yes i am still alive…

…and no I have not been eaten by cats.

I actually thought about just posting the above and leaving it at that but may as well share some more info.

Overall I think that the move(s) have gone quite well.  My boyfriend and I moved my stuff over on the 29th of June, spent the next week working on the new apartment (while staying at his old place), trying to enjoy some actual vacation time, and getting ready to move all of his stuff over which we did (with the help of some awesome possum friends/sister) this past Saturday.

All in all things have gone pretty smoothly.  Nothing broke, no one got injured, no crazy accidents happened with the moving trucks, and the actual moving itself did not take too long on either day.  Oh, and the couch that we were worried about fitting into our narrow stairway and door frames ended up squeezing through just fine!  To add to the list of wins, the Booze Jays (the softball team my boyfriend and our friends play on) won their first game on Saturday!  Wooooooo!

The things that have not gone as smoothly are all pretty much par for the course in terms of moving headaches.  The apartment was in even rougher shape than we had originally thought so we spent many hours of our vacation painting everything, scrubbing it all clean, lining cupboards in kitchen, buying replacement outlet covers and light fixtures (because apparently the previous tenant didn’t seem to think these were necessary), and overall trying to get the place into a livable condition.  There have been many a stubbed toe on my part as I’ve been navigating through the mazes of boxes, garbage bags, and random items, and although we have both been unpacking as much as possible, we still have quite a bit more to do.  But this is all pretty much to be expected.

In terms of the kitties, we have yet to introduce my cat Billy to my boyfriend’s cats.  Billy has been almost exclusively confined to the bedroom while the other two roam the apartment and get used to it.  As of this morning one of the pair has figured out that another cat is beyond the bedroom door and has hissed and growled at it for a while.  Pretty much what we thought might happen.  I am hoping that this whole merging process is going to go smoothly.  Nevertheless, we will have spray bottles at the ready when they are all actually allowed to mingle.

Now for the fun stuff!  My sister has been in Canada now for almost two weeks and although she has spent quite a bit of time in London with the folks, she has been in Toronto with us as well.  Last Thursday we checked out the First Thursdays event at the AGO which was really neat.  If you have never gone to one of these nights I would really recommend it.  Aside from being able to roam the gallery there are different performers every month, interactive activities (for example this month you could sketch a cellist as she played), food, and two bars.  Some of the exhibitions were also pretty neat.  I particularly liked the Thompson Collection of Ship ModelsArtist’s Colony (Gardens) sculpture/3D collage by Kim Adams, and a few of the installations that were part of the Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller’s Lost in the Memory Palace.

On Friday night we took advantage of the Toronto Fringe Festival and saw the Socratic Theatre’s performance of Terry Pratchett’s Monstrous Regiment. My sister and I are both big fans of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series of books, so we jumped at the opportunity to see one of them performed live.  I haven’t read this particular book so I can’t comment much on the play’s alignment with the original, but I really enjoyed the performance and have to really commend the actors for all of the work it no doubt took to get this play ready.  Just the number of lines alone that some of them had to memorize is pretty amazing, not to mention the actors that played a number of parts completed with costume, and accent (!) changes. We followed this up with some chow at Ka Chi Korean where I stuffed my face with veggie dumplings and a noodle dish.

Since Stage II of the move happened early Saturday, the rest of the weekend was pretty chill.  Saturday’s move was followed by the Booze Jays’ winning game mentioned above, dinner at Grapefruit Moon (yum!), and some patio time at The Victory Cafe.  Sunday we got our kitchen almost completely unpacked and had our first homemade meal at the new place. Sunday night I tossed and turned for hours in bed trying to calm my brain down while it frantically made lists of what still needed to be done.  Not so fun when that happens.

Today was my first day back at work and although there is a part of me that wishes I was still on vacation, I think this enforced break from unpacking is actually a very welcome change.

Some pics below of this past week’s adventures.  {Before and after pictures of the apartment coming soon!}


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