the great cat merger of 2013

As of July 1st (officially) my new household will include:

– 1 man

– 1 me

– 2 boy cats

– 1 girl cat

I am the owner of one boy cat (Billy) and my boyfriend owns, or co-habits I suppose is the better term, with the other two (Coby and Maisey).  Cats are…ahem…territorial, they don’t tend to be huge fans of other unknown cats, and some of them are not very good with change.  Throw into the mix Billy who has never lived anywhere except my house and the farm he was born on (he was only there for three months and is almost five years old now), Coby who can be a cuddle monster but can also have a bit of a temper when it comes to pretty much anything if the mood should strike him, and Maisey who I always think of as a Southern Belle which means she seems to be as sweet as a Georgian peach, but could also be hiding some real brat qualities a la Scarlett O’Hara of Gone with the Wind fame.

We have been preparing for what one of my boyfriend’s friends referred to as the “Cat Merger” for a few months now; doing some research, hypothesizing about some possible scenarios and how to best handle them, as well as stockpiling on baby gates.  That last one is because we have read that it’s good for new cats to remain separate but visible to each other for the first little bit.

I am sure that there will be some scraps as they figure out the dominance hierarchy and potentially a lot of meowing and running around as they chase/flee, but I really hope that within a few months (weeks?) they all settle into at least a comfortable, if not downright friendly, relationship.  I should also mention that all three are fairly “chatty” pretty much all the time, so who knows, maybe there will be some sort of “Songs of Cats” album that will come out of all this, however in the beginning I more worry about our downstairs neighbors calling Animal Control because of the commotion and meowing coming from upstairs.  We will need to appease them with some sort of baked goods I think.  The neighbors, not the cats.

I will be sure to post pics and stories of the merger on here as I assume there will no shortage of either.  Wish us luck!



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