hey mr. tough

When I came back from Taiwan I got back into Toronto around one in the afternoon and after travelling for over 20 hours on three separate flights had some ambitious unrealistic deluded ideas about making it out to a Yo La Tengo concert that night.  Spoiler alert: I passed out at 8:30 pm.

I don’t really know this band at all but my boyfriend is a fan so I was going to go with him and some of our friends to the show.  I downloaded a few of the band’s albums and had all sorts of intentions of listening to them to become familiar with their music but that just didn’t really happen.  And sadly, it still hasn’t.

I have, however, been rewatching Bored to Death, a show that aired on HBO for three seasons starring Jason Schwartzman, Zach Galifianakis, and Ted Danson (dream team!) about a writer who decides to moonlight as (an unlicensed) private detective.  If you have never seen it before I would remedy that as soon as possible.  One of the many great features of this show was the music.  Along with some original scores, it also utilized great outside music.  Like Yo La Tengo!

The last episode I watched had a really catchy number play over the end credits which Shazam tells me is a song called Mr. Tough.  (side note: isn’t technology incredible?!)  So although I didn’t fulfill my intention of listening to this band that so many people like, it sort of found me anyway.

So here is the song.  Feel free to have a little dance party while listening to it.  I know I did.



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