coffee shop sounds

Tell me if you have had this experience (because I definitely have, especially when I was in university), you try to study, write, or work in a library and it is just too darn quiet, so then you go to a social spot but it just too darn loud.  I could personally never listen to my iPod for background noise because the sound was too immediate and too loud.  Sometimes you could get a good groove going with a steady level of background noise somewhere only to have a table of two or more come and sit beside you and all you can listen to is their conversation.  Even though you just. want. to. FOCUS!

This is where Coffitivity comes in.

Ambient sounds to boost your workday creativity.


Basically, the site provides continuous background noise that one would hear at a coffee shop, the volume of which you can adjust, along with the ability to play your own music, also at the volume level of your choice.  The perfect thing about it is that even at full volume the coffee shop noise is still a jumble of conversations.  You can hear some plates or mugs clinking together or the odd word pop out of a conversation, but other than that it is just sort of there, some fuzz in the background.  Kind of perfect if you want to get some work done but don’t necessarily want to drag your laptop to a Starbucks.

The site provides one link to a research paper published in March of 2012 in which the authors detail the results of five experiments that examined how ambient sound can have an affect on creativity.  It is only one paper though, which is a bit disappointing, however two things come to mind.

1) How many people want to read through numerous academic journal articles to figure out whether something works for them personally?

2) Related to the above, I am told that the proof is [oddly] in the pudding.  So give it a shot and if it works for you, great! If not, that’s fine as well.  There are some people I know who do like complete silence or loud music when they work so it takes all kinds.

I, for one, think this is a great idea though and guess what?  I was just listening to some Coffitivity noise while writing this post!

What do you think?

-The Postliminary-

Do you think this will lead to coffee shop inception? Like someone will go to a coffee shop but then be listening to Coffitivity through headphones?  Woah!


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