birthday getaway

May 23rd was my birthday and the following weekend my awesome possum boyfriend took me out of town on a secret trip!  I knew some things about where we were going but not a lot so I really wasn’t sure what to expect.  He also totally pulled the wool over my eyes when we stopped in Huntsville for dinner on Friday night and told me we still had three hours to drive to our destination, when in reality we were a mere 15 minutes away.  Sneaky sneaky.

Our final destination was Pow-Wow Point Lodge tucked away from the main road on Peninsula Lake in the gorgeous Muskoka Region in Northern Ontario.  This place is absolutely stunning.  The first thing I did when I got out of the car was take full deep gulps of the pine-scented fresh air.  The resort is composed of a number of small cottages, most of which are divided into units, many of which (like the one we had!  Wooooo Room #21) faced the lake.  The facilities include ping pong tables, pool, sauna, whirlpool, dining room, canoes, paddle boats, board games, shuffle board, horseshoes, and apparently an awesome water front fun area (complete with one of these) which unfortunately was not yet set up due to the flooding that had happened in that area.  I should also mention that the staff here really were the icing on the cake.  Everyone was super friendly and made us feel comfortable and at home pretty much as soon as we arrived.

Some of the highlights of the trip included playing Scruples (oh Scruples! – we played the 1980s version) in front of the [electric] fireplace in our room, visiting Algonquin Park  (specifically the Visitor’s Centre, Beaver Pond Trail, and the Old Railway Bike Trail), doing a little bit of fishing, Weber’s burgers on the way back home, and awesome quality time with the man I love.  It was an amazing weekend and a wonderful birthday present.  I am one lucky gal!

Some pics below!  Click on the first one to start the slideshow.


2 thoughts on “birthday getaway

  1. That place looks gorgeous. And Weber’s is the best – can you still sit inside the train cars, or are they all bathrooms now? Also: I’d answer “yes” to both of those Scruples questions without a second thought.

    • It was really beautiful for sure! And yes, they still have trains that you can eat in Weber’s but they also have super fancy bathrooms now in the train cars. I think they used to be much more dingy.

      There were so many other priceless Scruples questions including one about a “retarded adult” moving into your neighborhood. O_o

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