out of context

When I was in university a number of my professors warned their students of the dangers of reading (and believing) “pop” publications regarding any sort of scientific findings.  I studied Psychology and Anthropology, both of which are fairly popular in the general population and therefore often new findings in both disciplines get write ups in major national and international publications.  The problem however is that many journalists writing for such newspapers, magazines, and websites do not have the proper background to fully understand the content of academic papers, in which the original findings are generally printed.  In addition, many are taxed with the role of making these new discoveries or research findings interesting to the common reader, which often leads to over the top simplification and/or sensationalizing of facts.

Out of Context Science is a tumblr blog that pokes fun at this very idea.

Good science, badly quoted. Removing knowledge from context and leaving something that’s sometimes hilarious, sometimes strange, and, hopefully, completely absurd.

In order for quotes to be posted the submission must follow the rules, which include that they must come from a peer-reviewed journal (or another respected source), the original source cannot be behind a paywall, and technical science terminology is to be avoided.

And what remains is a whole lotta fun!  I particularly like that you can click on the links to read the original articles.




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