BBBQ the extra B is for BYOBB … that extra B is a typo

Despite the not so great weather in the T-dot this past weekend, I managed to attend two BBQs.  One on Friday night and one on Saturday.  It was raining off and on during both but that didn’t stop us Canadians from firing up the ol’ grill, enjoying some good food, and better company.

I am super excited to have a barbecue at the new place (lease signed this past weekend!  Squeeee!) since I have not had one since I lived with my parents over five years ago.  I have already been squirreling away a few recipes like this one, this one, and this one in anticipation of being able to utilize the nice summer weather and a backyard.

And although I eat a mostly vegetarian diet, there are some meat dishes I tend to crave once I smell the BBQ going…



Update – a cool infographic I found.  Cook responsibly people!



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