extra ingredients

Look at what I found/read/saw/ate/listened to this week … (well technically last week.  I couldn’t get myself organized enough to publish this as the regular Sunday post…wooops!)

post pics

Save Wolfe Lake!  Old growth red pine forests are critically endangered and remain on only 1.2% of their former extent.  Some of the largest are around Wolfe Lake right here in Ontario. (savewolflake.org)

I have been listening to lots of Alt-J as of late.  Do you like them? Here are two songs I particularly enjoy. (http://www.youtube.com)  Picture source: artsfuse.org

An odd little video called “Teddy Has An Operation” by zefrank1.  Hmmmmm.  Cute and creepy all at the same time. (http://www.youtube.com)

A little dude’s logic about why eating animals is wrong.  I teared up. (http://www.youtube.com)

Falcon Watch 2013! The CBC website has two live streams of two peregrine families.  Pretty neat!


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