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The bf and I decided a few months ago to dive into the inevitable and find a place together this summer!  My rent was going up, summer was approaching, and it seemed like the perfect time to find a new place with some outdoor space we could enjoy during the upcoming warm months.  Although it is not quite official {yet} it seems that we found a place to rent!  The second floor of a house with a shared backyard and out very own washer and dryer {swoon!}.  I actually have gotten quite used to relying on the laundromat but oh it would be so nice to not have to trek down the street with a bag over my shoulder in the quest for some clean underpants.

This apartment needs some TLC without a doubt, but I think some elbow grease in the cleaning department and some fresh paint would do this place wonders.  The single man who has been occupying this space has been there for over five years and well, I hate to stereotype, but a bachelor alone for five years…you can imagine.  The bathroom in particular is pretty terrible but I am already looking forward to getting in there and scrubbing up a storm!  If there is one thing I know how to do well, it’s clean!

Basically we have given a small deposit to the landlords (a wonderful couple who I have kind of fallen in love with) in order to initiate the process of them checking references and all that jazz, so once that is completed and everything is cleared we hopefully will be good to go!  So exciting!

I spent a part of my day yesterday reviewing my For The Home Pinterest board and getting inspired to really make this new place our home.  Well us, and our three {THREE!} feline friends.  Meow. =^.^= =^.^= =^.^=

When I was checking everything over in the apartment for the second time I was telling the landlord that with some minor repairs and work the place would be really nice and he said something like “Well it is true that you can do the work but the house always reflects the heart, and if you have a good heart you will always have a good home…”  How can you not love this man?

I will make sure to post more about things as they develop and I am already day dreaming about the before/after pictures I will be sure to share on here as well.  Exciting times!

source: withstyleandgraceblog.com


2 thoughts on “home search

  1. Woo woo!!!!!! That is so excitement!!! (haha sorry the Chinglish is so ingrained now…)

    Your blog’s looking beautiful and spring sunshine-y and I can’t wait to check out this new pad! [fingers also crossed]

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