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I have been searching pretty much since last year for a really good bag to bike with.  I was mostly using an across the shoulder purse last summer which was a bit heavy and now has totally been ripped and worn out so it is time for an upgrade.

A few things I am considering…

bike bags post

Rucksack No. 21 from Fjällräven (
The Jamie from YNOT Cycle (handmade in Toronto!) (
Ballard Market Pannier (
Logan Trunk Bag (
Handlebar Bag in Blue and White Striped Ticking (Death and Texas on
Nantucket Lightship Classic Front Handlebar Bike Basket (


The real downside to wearing a backpack, especially on longer rides, is the back sweat which in the middle of summer with the soaring temperatures can make for one soupy mess.  The plus side is that it’s level on your back (shoulder bags = scoliosis if I remember correctly) and they tend to me on the roomier side so I can fit more goods up in there.


I have seen some bags out there that are hybrids of back pack/shoulder bag (#2) or backpack/shoulder bag/pannier (#3) or rack bag/purse/shoulder bag (#4).  This is what I am leaning towards as it gives you some options of how to use it.  If you only have one pannier and it is heavy that can be quite dangerous when taking turns so I like that the bag from MEC has the option of wearing on the shoulders or on the side of the bicycle. However, with these bags it is tricky to find one that would suit my needs of being both a carrying vessel and a cute bag I can wear with me if I am biking to some fancy night out (which totally happen ALL the time, I promise).

Handlebar Bags

These tend to be on the smaller side so no hauling groceries or picnic fixin’s in these bad boys but my oh my can they ever be cute!  The one pictured above (#5) is from a company called Death and Texas and I love love love this little thing, which turns into an awesome purse when you get off the bike.  See full product specs here.  If only the price tag was a bit lower…sigh.


I will be honest, I have never been a big fan of bike baskets.  I don’t really like how they look, they definitely don’t solve my need for a biking bag that converts into a purse (although yeah yeah I could just put a normal purse into the basket), and even though I am not bombing around town like a maniac like some people I have the idea in my head that a basket would slow my bike down. So this is kind of the last resort for me, although as the old age adage states “don’t knock it ’til you try it.” So maybe I just need to get one for a week or two to see how I like it.

Speaking of baskets, this.

If anyone has any advice out there do share!  And no, I am not going to be putting a milk crate on my bike.  No.  Freaking.  Way.


Just discovered this website which has all sorts of awesome things for ladies and their bikes, including this other cute as pie handlebar bag/clutch and a bike frame planter!  That is taking cycling to a whole new green level!


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