april wrap up

I started this month off with some ambitious goals.  The 30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge, avoidance of alcohol, lots of rest, lots of yoga, overall healthier lifestyle, and getting my bike out of storage.

So, how did I do?

30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge – raw-ked it!  Only missed one day of not having a green smoothie, but every other day had a blender full which I reckon is about one litre per day!  I found that it really helped to prep everything the night before (minus the liquid) in the blender, so that in the morning I just had to add whatever I was using that day for liquid, blend, pour into my canteen and take it to work with me.  Most days this ended up being my breakfast.  Yums!

Alcohol – pretty pretty good on this front as well.  I had one bottle of beer at a birthday party, a pint at a show, a half pint at lunch with my parents, and some wine this past weekend at my friend’s house.  Up until the wine I never had enough to feel any sort of effect from the booze, but since I had about 2.5 glasses of wine in one sitting I definitely felt a little lightheaded and folks, it was terrible!  I left my friend’s house, got home, and spent the next three hours eating and drinking water hoping that the feeling would pass.  Maybe it had something to do specifically with the type of wine, or it was just the effects of alcohol, but I was not happy about it at all.  Good motivation to keep booze at arm’s length going forward.

Rest/Yoga – I am grouping these together because they go hand in hand.  Without the rest, my yoga practice suffers, and when I am doing lots of yoga, my sleep is much better and I feel more relaxed.  Not to brag, but I think I did very well in this area as well.  I tried to do yoga at least 4 times per week, with a few weeks going more and some less.  Last week my right wrist started to get a little angry, so this week I may have to take it easy with some yin classes and lots of icing and rest.  Also, the May Grow Your Yoga Challenge is about to start which I am super pumped for.

Overall Healthier Living – I tried to do this mostly through my food choices and have come to a few realizations.  I have avoided dairy, eggs, and meat for the majority of the month and have discovered that eggs, and especially dairy, are not my friends.  Both leave me feeling all sorts of terrible, after I eat them but even into the following day.  I am not going to get into details here, but dairy and digestive functioning do not go hand in hand in my body, at all!

Bike – The beginning of April was pretty terrible weather-wise, but I did get my bike out about mid-month, and have been cycling to work almost everyday.  I was very happy to not have the jelly legs I dealt with last summer when I started.  I think continuous exercise throughout the winter really helped with that.

Iron – I wrote on here a while back that both my general practitioner and rheumatologist diagnosed me with very low iron, so I started taking FeraMAX 150 about two weeks ago.  I spoke to a naturopathic doctor about my options, and since my iron stores were very low she said that the liquid iron supplement I have used in the past (Salus Floradix Formula) would not be enough.  It is a good supplement to take to maintain iron levels, but not to replenish low stores.  FeraMAX 150 is an over-the-counter supplement and although other iron supplements can cause major digestive issues, I personally have not had any issues with this one.  I am supposed to continue taking it for three months (I guess I was really depleted) but I wouldn’t be surprised if this is already contributing to me feeling so good and much much less tired.  My plan is to continue taking it for the two and half remaining months and then get blood work redone to see where I am.

So what now?  I will admit that in the past I have done cleanses, detoxes, elimination diets, etc, etc, only to swing back into all sorts of unhealthy lifestyle choices as soon as I finished.  This time, I approached this month as the beginning of a lifestyle change as opposed to a temporary endeavor and I feel very optimistic about maintaining this for the long term.  I think the important thing with making any big changes in your life is to not feel like you are giving things up, but rather focus on what you are gaining instead.  I now feel like I am making choices about my health and well-being from a really great space and because I have seen major changes in how I feel both physically and mentally, I have that much more motivation to keep going.  What a great way to kick off spring!

To your health!


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