extra ingredients

Look at what I found/read/saw/ate/listened to this week 

  • Following the collapse of a garment factory in Bangladesh, much discussion was to be had about the cost of cheap “fast fashion” clothes to people in the West. I particularly liked this piece which includes this quote from Miuccia Prada

That poses a perfect example of hypocrisy, no?” Prada told Foley. “People [who] are intellectual leftists, they say I am expensive and horrible, “How can you sell clothes at that price?” Simply, it’s the cost. If you pay people to do everything with the right system, things are expensive. And the same people that criticize the [dangerous production environments], when it comes to cost they like the inexpensive pieces because they think it’s more democratic. This is an example of hypocrisy.

  • On a related note watch this interview with a survivor of Bangladesh’s Tazreen factory fire who is currently touring the US in order to urge U.S. retailers to stop blocking worker safety.  We may have the initial reaction to start boycotting the North American companies that do business with these garment factories in places like Bangladesh, but all that does is take jobs away from the already desperately poor workers.  The key is to change the behaviour of the companies on this side of the world in terms of how they do business.  

  • Sitting all day is bad no matter what it is on, I’m looking at you “ball chair” folks.  Long periods of time spent in the sitting position result in the compression of the intervertebral fibrocartilage (the jelly-like substance between the vertebrae) which then shortens the spine.  It is important to counteract this compression of the spine on a daily basis.  A simple way to do this is to stand with your feet hip distance apart, fold at the hips, and hang out with your head dangling towards the ground.  Bend your knees as much as you need to make this a comfortable passive pose.  I like to grab for opposite elbows and nod my head yes/shake it no to release any tension.  Feels really good after a day at the office!

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