yeah yeah saturday!

Did someone say it is actually supposed to be warm and sunny today?

did you mention

Because if this is the case I cannot WAIT to get outside.  My boyfriend and I plan to wander the streets soaking in the nice weather with the final destination being this place in Kensington Market for lunch.  In the afternoon I am going yoga crazy (in a good way) with two back to back classes at the studio (90 min Moksha followed by 75 min Yin for the win!).  I know we are not there yet, but man oh man how I would love to top my day off with a nice evening patio hang out.

A girl can dream!

Hope you all have a fabulous day/evening and, if you are in the SW Ontario region, are able to head outside and soak in some of the spring-y goodness!

I am now confident that bikini season really is just around the corner!  *sucks in belly*


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