cooking for one


For the past four years or so I have lived alone.  One of the challenges of living on your own is cooking.  I love to cook but what often happens is that I will make a big ol’ pot of soup or stew, or a full casserole dish of something, and even if it turns out well I grow to hate the dish by the time I am done eating it because chances are I have been consuming it for days straight.

I have tried freezing stuff but I always forget that I have things in the freezer, only to discover them months later, and in an inedible state.  And whenever I have tried to make smaller portions of things, it hasn’t always ended in the best possible way.

Anyway, I thought I had problems and then I found this.  Takes the dark side of cooking for one to a whole new level.

How existential!


-The Postliminary-

This is my 750th post!  Yippeee!


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