twin shadow

I have been listening to the latest album Confess by George Lewis Jr., aka Twin Shadow, for the past few weeks.  It’s such a delicious throwback to 80s pop!

He is currently on tour (titled True Story) with his father, and as part of the theme of confessions, either him or his father will be sharing true personal stories with the audience at each show.  Interested?  The tour comes to The Phoenix in Toronto on June 7, 2013. I am thinking of getting tickets soon.

You know when someone tells a story and says “crazier things have happened!”? Well, you always wish they would just tell you that crazier thing. Like, why would you want to hear a story that’s not as good? My father told me great stories my whole life, I often wonder if his stories influenced the way I write music. When talk came up of Twin Shadow hitting the road this year I thought again about how we could make each show special, how each city could have a unique piece of Twin Shadow. I thought about my father’s stories, I thought about the stories I tell my friends and I thought this tour would be a good place to share them, so for every city we play my father or myself will tell you one True Story. 23 Cities. 23 Stories. A story for New York, A story for Toronto, A Story for every show on the tour. A gem from the depths of my father’s life and a stone from the recent corners of mine, tales retold from lovers and friends. Welcome to the Twin Shadow True Story Tour.

For a sample story click here to read Dirty Charles.  It’s spine-tingling!

Five Seconds

This video was made to reflect Lewis Jr’s love of riding motorcycles.

Golden Light


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