What is your family history?  If it is marked my dark times and deeds are you at all influenced by it?  Responsible for it?  Do you walk away from it and disassociate yourself from it, or do you instead spend your life researching and uncovering the past?

We all may have family secrets.  Family members we don’t discuss, or would rather tuck away into the proverbial skeleton closet.  But what if those members were responsible for some of the most horrific acts in human history?  Hitler’s Children is a documentary that explores these questions through conversations with five descendants of some of the best known and monstrous figures of Nazi Germany.  They include grandson of the creator and head of Auschwitz Concentration Camp, the daughter of the head of the Plaszow work camp, and the son of the Governor-General appointed by Hitler to rule Nazi occupied Poland.

It is at times a heartbreaking and difficult film to watch, but it certainly looks at some very interesting questions.  Chief among them, for me anyway, was why do these people, who are at times more than one generation removed from these monstrosities, still feel guilt for what their predecessors did?  And the inevitable follow up question, would I?

Definitely worth a watch.

I am a bit confused, but I believe that there was an initial documentary produced that was about 80 min in length, which was then cut to 60 min and shown by the BBC, this is the version I watched which I just discovered is available in its entirety on YouTube.

Trailer below.


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