welcome to april

After a long winter it is exciting to enter this spring month.  Despite the warm weekend, the weather in Toronto has turned back to the chilly side and I believe is supposed to stay this way for this week.  Nevertheless I have decided to take the chance of not purchasing a TTC pass for the month in the hopes that the warmer weather will make a swift return and I will be biking everywhere in no time.

What else is going on in April?

– Baseball – I have four Blue Jays games scheduled for the month

– I may be sitting a one-day Vipassana course on the 13th.  Time for a refresher!

– A concert with the folks on the 14th

– Oodles of yoga, healthy eating, and smoothies!

– hopefully some fun outdoor outings

– April showers to bring in the May flowers :)

I have very high hopes for you April, so I hope you don’t let me down!


source: drop-dead-and-gorgeous.tumblr.com

source: drop-dead-and-gorgeous.tumblr.com



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