For some reason this week has just been draaaaaagging on for me.  The cold weather.  The minor RA flare ups.  The I-think-I-am-getting-sick-wait-no-I-think-I-am-ok scare at the beginning of the week.  Being busy/frustrated at work.  It’s all been a little much.  I also went to yoga much less that I wanted to despite the fact that I had the best intentions and brought my gear to work on Monday and Tuesday only to rush home and get into a horizontal position as soon as I could.  Wednesday I finally made it out to a class, through which my muscles shook as if I had not done any physical activity since the age of five.  Thursday’s class was an improvement.

But still, I am happy for the weekend’s arrival.  I normally do my volunteer shift at the yoga studio on Sunday mornings but I switched with someone so I have both Saturday and Sunday to sleep in!  Friday after work I am heading for a massage than to a birthday celebration for one of my co-workers/friends.  Saturday evening my parents are coming into town and we are grabbing dinner and then heading to a concert.  Other than that, no plans for the rest of the weekend and it feels pretty darn good.  Folks, I think this may be a lazy one.  Which I am pretty excited about!


Hope you all have a good weekend!


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