just one day at a time

I believe it was just last week I wrote about how I am more than ready to leave the winter weather behind me, so you can imagine my complete disappointment and utter deflation when I looked out the window last night to see an outdoor scene I would be much better equipped to handle back in December.  It basically looked something like the below.

source: 25.media.tumblr.com

Yep, just a grand ol’ penguiny mess out there.

Needless to say I am not impressed.  I have also been experiencing a small series of RA flare ups over the past few days, which I know aren’t directly affected by the weather (at least not for me), but it sure makes it more difficult to handle when I am already uncomfortable from the cold.  Brrrrrr!

In an effort to fight off the winter blues yesterday I started listening to some Classic Hawaiian Steel Guitar music on Songza, which sort of helped, but also made me miss summer that much more.  In either case, here is one of my favorite new finds.  Listen at your own discretion, it will probably make you extremely tempted to lounge by a pool with a cocktail.


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