sunday movies

Another lazy Sunday night came and went.  I watched two documentaries, both of which I was really looking forward to and both of which did not disappoint.

First was The Imposter. This one really blew my socks off as I was fairly convinced that this was a fictional tale until I did some follow up reading.  Let’s just say that in this case the truth really is stranger than fiction.  The film chronicles how a French con man, Frédéric Bourdin, impersonated a missing American teenager in 1997, and not just to officials, but to the missing child’s actual family. Absolutely fascinating, disturbing, and puzzling.  I highly recommend that you watch this as soon as you can, I couldn’t look away.

Second was Man on Wire, a documentary about Philippe Petit’s 1974 high-wire walk between the Twin Towers of New York’s World Trade Center.  I had downloaded this one quite a while ago because I had heard such good things, but was not convinced that the story of a man walking between two buildings on a wire would actually create an interesting enough film.  It did.  It is not even so much the story itself but being able to witness the very deep and profound impact this event had on all of the people involved in setting it up.  I was also surprised by how emotional I became when the beauty of the high-wire walk was discussed.  It certainly made me think about this event in a very different way.  And of course following 9/11 the walk has an even deeper impact.  It truly was a one of a kind event.  One of my favorite parts was the footage of an interview conducted the day of the walk with a police officer who experienced the event from a rooftop of one of the towers.  He begins by talking about how Petit was mocking the police by coming almost within their reach, only to turn around and go back out into the middle of the wire. However, quite quickly his demeanor changes as he states that he realized on that roof that he was a witness to something that would not be seen probably ever again.  I could be wrong, but I think he may have been fighting a tear or two back.  Between the historical footage, the interviews, and the larger than life personality of Petit, this was a very enjoyable watch.  Even for a sissy like me who is terrified of heights!


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