sort of, kind of, back to normal

Howdy ya’ll!

So as was expected my plan to write somewhat regularly while I was in Taiwan kind of went belly up.  I am not letting myself feel any guilt about this however, as I was off having a fabulous time and getting a much needed break from the “real world”.  I have all sorts of posts planned specifically to do with my trip, as well as some other general stuff, which I will try to get to over the next week.  My jet lag, I am afraid, has gotten the better of me since I got back on Saturday so I have been going to work, sleeping, and not doing much of anything else.  I am attempting my first yoga class today after work in the hopes that my body will appreciate the exercise, but I can also see myself spending most of the 90 minutes hanging out in Savasana/Corpse Pose (lying flat on my back).

I thought that while it was still fresh in my mind I would add to the post I previously wrote about flying tips since I have picked up a few more pearls of wisdom on this trip.  And then we can move on to the movies I watched in flight which I actually recommend.

1.  I previously wrote that I would be taking Oil of Oregano with me and that it was an especially useful thing to have in the plane when all you have to breath is your neighbours’ air.  I actually spoke to a woman at The Big Carrot Wholistic Dispensary before I left about this, and she suggested that I use Lavender essential oil instead.  This one is not to be used internally like  Oil of Oregano, but is a good (and good smelling!) topical oil to use as an antibacterial.  So instead of hand sanitizer, for example.  Apparently Oil of Oregano is super potent and kills pretty much everything (including the good stuff), whereas Lavender is more discriminating and less harsh.  I was told that especially because I was travelling so far and most likely would be encountering all sorts of new things down to the micro level it would be a bad idea to essentially kill off all of my natural defenses.  I used this oil on my hands in the plane and while travelling in Taiwan, and also rubbed a small amount under my nose and around my mouth in the plane as I was told this would keep the bad germs from entering my body too easily.

2. Water. I know I wrote about this already but I really cannot stress this enough.  I was drinking water on it’s own and with electrolyte tabs throughout my flights and I still felt somewhat dehydrated getting off the planes.  My longer flights with EVA Air had self-serve water fountains at the rear of the plane which is something I had not seen before.  I also saw passengers asking the flight attendants to fill up their water bottles which was also new to me.  Something to keep in mind for the future.

3. Fruit.  I brought fruit with me on both of the longer flights to and from Taiwan and I really need to keep this habit going for all future travels.  A really good snack that is also hydrating.  Just try to avoid oranges or other foods that stink up the air around you.  Not everyone appreciates the smell of citrus for example.

4. Facial mist.  EVA Air stocks a hydrating facial mist in their bathrooms which I thought was pure genius.  It is such a nice way to feel a bit refreshed after sitting on a plane for a long time.  The mist they had was lavender scented, water based, and contained some Vitamin E.  Since I had some time to kill at the Seattle airport on the way back, I picked up this stuff from The Body Shop.  A really nice way to not feel like a total zombie upon landing.

5. Another reiteration from my previous post, but one I need to rave more about: neck pillows!  My dear friend was kind enough to lend me hers for my trip and I am kicking myself for not having flown with one ever before.  The one I had was a blow up kind which is super handy for light packing and was bought at a dollar store!  Super convenient and doesn’t break the bank.  Yes please!  Seriously, this little item made those cramped chairs that much more bearable and allowed me to get some more comfortable sleep.

And now to the movies!  I watched a lot of films on my flights, here are the ones I would recommend.

The Master

So.  Well.  Acted.  Also, based on L. Ron and the Scientology crew so there’s that freak show aspect to it as well.

Seven Psychopaths

Colin Farrell, Christopher Walken, Sam Rockwell, and Woody Harrelson.  Directed by Martin McDonagh (In Bruges).

Just as good as you would expect.

L’amour dure trois ans (Love Lasts Three Years)

I don’t really know how I would describe French cinema, but this film seems to quite fit that bill for me.  I liked this one quite a bit.


And lastly, do not, under any circumstances watch Trouble with the Curve starring Clint Eastwood.  Just terrible.  I lasted about 30 min.



4 thoughts on “sort of, kind of, back to normal

  1. I loved the facial mist in the bathroom on the flight. I used it three times during my 14 hour flight and noticed y skin was rehydrated. Do you know the brand of the mist?

    • Hi Brittany, unfortunately I do not remember the brand that they used in the planes. I bought mine from the Body Shop and love it! I use it everyday and can see an improvement in my skin. It looks more healthy and glowy. :)

      And yes, for long flights it is such a great idea!

      • Do you mind sharing the name of the one you purchased from body shop? I am living in Taiwan and they have a body shop here, hopefully they sell it my skin needs it!

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