I am definitely addicted to my iPhone.  No lies.  All on the table.  When I did the Vipassana 10 day course I actually found myself blindly reaching for it while we had down time.  I find it difficult to sit through a full meal or movie without reaching for it.  It’s kind of ridiculous because at the end of the day I barely ever do anything on there that is all that important.  Definitely nothing that couldn’t wait a few hours.

I have also noticed that a lot of my friends are the same.  Phones are out over dinner, drinks, at parties, pretty much pick any social occasion and people are checking their phones.  I suppose I would be a hypocrite to complain because I do the same thing I am sure, but I have started noticing that more and more my friends are pulling out their phones when I am in mid sentence!  Or, they are looking at their phone and kind of doing that glossy-eyed “uh huh” response to what I am saying and I can tell that they are kind of listening but not really.

I would like to curb this, at least on my end.  Be the change and all that.  Inspire others to change and put their phones away.  If I was a guy, I would totally sport this pocket square during important social events.  Too funny!

source: thefancy,com

source: thefancy.c


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