and then this happened

What do Sterling Malory Archer and Bob Belcher have in common?

This guy

H. Jon Benjamin voices both of these main characters on two of my favorite shows Archer and Bob`s Burgers. So you can bet I was tickled pink when I found out many months ago that the fourth season of the former, was going to be a crossover with the latter.  I am not giving away any spoilers here when I say that the season premiere of Archer begins with Sterling flipping burgers as Bob due to amnesia.  And then some awesome stuff happens.

I especially enjoyed the crossover in animation styles.  As you can tell even by the first two pictures Bob’s Burgers is much more “catoony” than Archer so it was great to see the Belcher crew drawn in the other style.  They certainly didn’t do Tina any favors…yikes!



I have written about both of these shows on here before so if you have not heeded my previous advice, I urge you now, more than ever, to curl up with the existing seasons of both shows and get caught up.  What else do you have going on this crazy cold Canadian winter week anyway?

And if you are feeling really ambitious and are digging H. Jon Benjamin as much as I do, perhaps revisit Home Movies.



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