on my mind

I am leaving for Taiwan on the 25th!  Sqeeeeee! That is so soon!  Now that it is coming closer and my travel plans for while I am there are starting to come together I am starting to get oh so excited!  Now I just have to actually pack and do all that administrative stuff like photocopy my passport, make sure my insurance info is all in order, bribe people to come and hang out with my cat while I’m gone, you know, the usual.

I am not sure what I am going to do about this blog though.  My options are 1) be ambitious and plan to post stuff while I am in Taiwan, 2) pre-schedule stuff (I have some drafts and ideas I could probably polish off before I go, or 3) take a break.  I am kind of leaning towards the third option because, well, it’s the easiest, however also the laziest.  I have just over a week to decide. Maybe I will just make the two weeks be a cavalcade of YouTube clips.  Everyone loves YouTube clips!

Speaking of those, check out this clip of John Pinette talking about vegans.  I laughed so hard when I first saw this.




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