I am a big big fan of brussel sprouts.  My theory about why they get such a bad rep is because most people don’t know how to cook them and I get the impression that somewhere along the line boiling the s%*t out of them became the accepted cooking method of these cruciferous veggies by mothers everywhere.  And let’s face it, if you boil the s%*t out of anything it won’t be very good.  Well, I suppose there are some exceptions.  Like eggs maybe?  “I can boil the s%*t out of an egg!” Yeah that has a nice ring to it I think.  Anyway, as far as vegetables are concerned, this is typically not the way to make them taste good.  This is the way to completely spoil them and make their texture disgusting, not to mention remove absolutely all nutritional content.  So don’t boil the s%*t out of (most) vegetables.  That would be the bullet point to take away here.

Back to brussel sprouts, I JUST found out how they grow and it blew my mind a little.  Check this out!

source: savethekales.files.wordpress.com

Once I found out that this is how they grow, I tried to forget this information and ask myself, “If someone asked me last week how brussel sprouts grow, what would I have said?”  And, don’t laugh, what I probably would have said is that they must grow just like cabbages but in miniature form.  So picture a cabbage patch like the below, but just with little itty bitty cabbages instead.  I mean, that would be an ok guess I think.

So maybe you are also a little surprised, or maybe you’re all “Pfffffft!  I can’t believe she didn’t know that!”, but whatever.  I am happy to now know even though the brussel sprout stems kind of freak me out at the moment. I am sure I will get over it soon enough.

Here is one more brussel sprout related illustration.

source: SarahL.com

source: SarahL.com

Oh and an additional yummy way to cook brussel sprouts that I just discovered is to cut them into halves, toss them with just a little olive oil, some maple syrup, and Montreal steak spice and bake for about 15 minutes at 350.  I came up with this at a cottage and man were they tasty!  Nom nom nom nom.

Long live the brussel sprout!


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