well that’s one way to start the year

“I think a centipede bit you, they can be kind of poisonous you know.”

“I think your cat must have licked your eye ball while you were sleeping.”

“Is it a kissing disease?”  

Above are just some of the reactions I received upon telling my friends and family (gotta love ’em) about waking up on January 2nd with an eye infection which not only made my eyeball all red and watery, but also resulted in the upper left corner of my face to become so swollen I could barely open my eye.  To be honest, I am not sure what happened, and although I believe it is most likely a more aggressive than normal form of pink eye, I think my friends’ theories are much more interesting.

Whatever the case may be, I can’t say it was the best way to start the new year, but thanks to my terrible contact lens handling regime during a few of my university years, which resulted in almost monthly eye infections, I quickly was able to get this under control based on prior experience.  Although, I must admit, that working from home that day with an ice pack over one eye most of the day was challenging in its own very special and frustrating way.

So in some sort of “a sign of things to come” way let’s just say that I can see 2013 being full of challenges, which, thanks to the years of wisdom and experience under my belt, I will be able to overcome much faster than I have been able to before.  How does that sound? Yeah, that’s what I am going with.

That, and also seeing this as a reminder to take better care to wash my hands before handling my contacts.

And now this,


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