thanks thanks thanks!

Hello all you fabulous people out there!

I recently had a moment to look over my blog summary stats of 2012 and I must say I am pretty darn proud of myself.  Sure, I am not getting hundreds or thousands of hits everyday, but the fact that ANYONE is interested in reading what I have to say always feels pretty special and for that I am truly thankful.  I started this off a few years ago and didn’t even tell anyone about it for a few months.  Although I very rarely write about anything that is very personal, I still feel like this is a window into my life to which a lot of people have access.  I sometimes have debates with myself about how much I want to write about on here especially when I am reminded how many people I do not know very well, or at all, are able to access this site and see what is going on in my life.

I have definitely had it happen more than once where I run into someone who I may be friends with on Facebook or who follows me on Twitter (the blog link is posted on those sites as well) but is not part of my close circle of friends, and as soon as I bring up something that happened to me they say “oh yeah!  I knew all about that!”  That’s when it just feels weird.  I may not know ANYTHING about this person’s life over the past few months and they know so much about mine.  It’s an odd feeling, but one that comes with the territory, and as one of my friends recently pointed out, I do this by choice.  So here is to another fabulous year here at the Shanty and I hope you all keep reading and peeking into my life from time to time.

Now down to just some of the stats for 2012:

– 9700 views! (that averages to about 25 views per day, but on my busiest day of 2012 over 100 of you lovely people decided to have a look)

– 220 new posts! (not quite one everyday as I try to achieve, but I am still patting myself on the back)

– people have accessed my blog from 100 countries!

So yeah, these aren’t the numbers of a super popular blog, but I am not going to sell myself short, this is still impressive and certainly makes me motivated to do just as well (or better) in 2013.  Hope you will all join me!

All the best to you all for the year ahead!



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