happy new year!

Well here we are folks, the last day of another year. 2012 has been an interesting year for me in many ways. It certainly has been the hardest in a number of ways, but has also luckily been filled with lots of laughter, love, and fun! If nothing else, I feel like my personal relationships, with my friends especially, have been really developed in a great way over the past 12 months which has been amazing. This year I also got back into yoga and also completed the 10 day Vipassana course so on a health/spiritual level it’s been a pretty fantastic year as well.

For all of its trials and tribulations 2012 was still full of great highlights and I suppose that is all I should really be focusing on. I hope that as your year comes to a close you can also look back fondly on the last 365 days and find at least a handful of memories that make you grin like a fool. And I hope that 2013 is full of handfuls upon handfuls upon handfuls of such moments!




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