I am visiting my parents in London, ON for the holidays and one of the struggles I have while here is not succumbing to hours upon hours of television watching.  I haven’t had a television since I moved away about five years ago so it is sometimes a treat to spend an hour or two lounging around on a comfy couch flipping channels.  Although, more and more I find that unless it is to watch a movie without commercials, TV just gets on my nerves too much and I tend to get frustrated and turn it off.

For the past two days I have noticed that a few channels that my parents get seem to be showing all of the original series Planet of the Apes movies.  There are five of them and they are all gloriously cheesy.  I have only seen all of them through once and I actually don’t know that I would watch any of them again, with the exception of the original of course,  starring none other than Charlton Heston.  Say what you will about that man in terms of his politics (I know I am not a huge fan of his opinions), but you cannot deny that he is one fine actor!  In Planet of the Apes it is difficult to take anything, let alone his acting, very seriously, just the stage fighting alone makes me chuckle every time, but I do remember watching Kenneth Branagh’s take on Hamlet, and being absolutely mesmerized with Heston’s performance in the First Player role.  I have posted it below for your consideration.



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