i miss jeff buckley

I so wish Jeff Buckley was still around and writing great music.  What a talented man he was.  Sigh.  I also am saddened by the fact that I will never be able to see him perform live.

One of my all time favorite albums is his live double album Live at Sin-é. The first time I ever heard it I was so struck by how funny and charismatic and upbeat he was.  Between the songs there is all sorts of chatter and goofiness that is just wonderful.  I guess that since a lot of his music was a bit on the depressing side I expected his personality to be kind of dark and serious but that is most certainly not the case.  I have a feeling he was a real charmer.

Also, on that album he covers Nustrat Fateh Ali Khan which is just amazing.  I remember playing that track to someone once and their jaw literally dropped.  Check it out if you can.  I will say it is of course much more impressive if you are familiar with Nustrat Fateh Ali Khan’s work.

Anyway, this is quite the lengthy jam but definitely one of my favorites from the album

-The Postliminary-

And for good measure check out this great song that Jeff Buckley’s dear friend PJ Harvey wrote about him after his death.


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