I have a few vacation days left at work for the year so I am taking a long weekend and taking today off!  Will be spending the day making all sorts of yummy food to take up to my friend’s cottage for the weekend and going to a Moksha Yin class in the morning.  Yin, or restorative, yoga is done in reduced heat from a regular Moksha class with poses being held longer to get down to the connective tissues.  It honestly feels like such an indulgence when I do these classes.  I think this is probably the closest I can come to becoming a (healthy) sloth in this life.  Just lying around and stretching for 75 minutes – bliss!

Ok ok, sorry to brag.  In case you have to be at work today like a chump (I mean that in the most endearing sense of the word) hope the day just flies by and you can finish work and get to whatever fun, relaxing, fabulous plans you have for the evening!



-The Postliminary-

Yes, I am obsessed with gifs and will continue to use them as much as I can on this blog.  And if you have a problem with that see the below gif.


deal with it


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