yeah i picked that playlist

I am sure that the majority of you a) have smart phones and b) are aware of a super awesome app called Songza.  Foooooooooooorrrrr Shaaaaaaame if you don’t.  Seriously, you should just go download it right now and I will wait for you to get back…

dum dee doo dah

*looks at nails*

*picks lint off sweater*

Ok you back?  Ooooh sorry, did you try to get it on your BlackBerry?  Sorry cupcake, iPhones and Androids only.  However, you can always use their website as well.

Basically this is a program that lets you stream music for free, without ads, and organized into super awesome playlists that you choose based on a) what day of the week it is, b) what time of day it is, and c) what activity you need some accompaniment to.  Additionally, each category you end up going with typically has three actual playlist options for you to choose from.  As you listen to the list you can give tracks “thumbs up” which are then used to better tailor the lists to your preferences.  We are all unique snowflakes after all!  Oh, and you can also skip the tracks that you don’t like so much, however there is a limit to how many times you can skip per hour…although I have only ever gotten that message once and I was skipping like no tomorrow, so I am pretty sure it is a pretty high number.

I have been using this app a lot in my apartment when I am cleaning and doing other house chores (that litter box ain’t going to clean itself) or when I am getting ready to go out.  One of my go-to playlists is called Blogged 50 and its description reads “We read all the music blogs so you don’t have to.  Updated weekly, these are the songs that indie music blogs love”. Hmmm it actually doesn’t sound quite as hipster as I thought it did in my mind, however I also have Indie Apartment Party favorited and that is definitely best suited to ironic mustaches and Pabst Blue Ribbons.

Anyway, getting back to Blogged 50.  I generally like most of the music they include in this one, but there have only been a few tracks that totally jump out and have me scrambling for a paper and pen to write down the artist.  One of them, which actually came up the first time I used the app, was Kindness. This is the song that made my ears perk up…see what you think…

A few weeks I had this playlist going again and rushed over to see what glittery goodness was filling my ears and saw that it was Ellie Goulding’s “Explosions”.  I ended up getting the full album and it has been a part of my regular rotation ever since.  I only recently decided to look up who this girly is and I will admit that I was expecting some indie artist that is just coming into her own, but I was very surprised to instead discover that she is actually totally huge, especially in the UK.  She performed at Prince William and Kate’s wedding reception.  Enough said.  Buuuut, she is new to me, so I guess that is all that counts.  Also, I will admit that I am a total sucker for good pop music, and I think that Ellie Goulding definitely falls into that category for me.  (For the record, I think FutureSex/LoveSounds by JT is one of the best pop records of the 2000s hands down.  This has a lot to do with Timbaland, but still.  Good pop music is fantastic).

So in case you also have not been exposed to Ellie Goulding, here are two of my favorite tracks off her Halcyon album.  Overall it is pretty poppy, but I think it still has some incredible originality to it.  And I like her voice.

This is the first song I heard by her and it definitely got my attention.  It is a bit sappy, but what songs dealing with the affairs of the heart aren’t?

And this one, “Only You”, I think is a good example of the poppy but still interesting side of her music.



2 thoughts on “yeah i picked that playlist

  1. Thanks for sharing this Xenia. Internet streaming is the new radio, while traditional radio formats are rapidly becoming irrelevant, but other services such as Stereomood have disappointed my expectations. Songza looks very promising.

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