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I have been well aware of how the animals that provide humans with food, or themselves become food, are treated for a long time.  I know about the adverse health effects that these food products have on humans.  I know all about the environmental damage factory farming does.  And lastly, I have watched and read many a documentary and book about these issues and have bawled my eyes out.

And I have changed.  I very very rarely buy meat and when I do, I buy it from the “better option” stores that claim to work with ethical farmers (I say “claim” because I tend to just believe them at face value and never really question it).  So far, eggs have been a fairly constant food in my diet, but these too I try to buy from a local health food store which I, perhaps naively, assume only sources from “happy/ier” farms.

I am still in denial about some of this.  I would say much less so than the average Canadian, but I still like to turn a blind eye and just not think about certain things.  Which is why I have had Food Inc on my computer for about three weeks now and I have made tons of excuses to not watch it.  Last night I watched a snippet of an interview with Ellen DeGeneres in which she talked about her decision to become vegan and mentioned a documentary called Earthlings that was one of the final pushes for her to completely take out all animal-based food from her diet.  She said that Food Inc is a Disney movie in comparison to this one.


I want to watch it but I am darn scared. I think it will be a really difficult viewing, but in the spirit of full disclosure I also think of being vegan as hard and I like cheese and eggs and I don’t really want to give them up.  Plus sometimes, when it comes to food, I like being lazy and not having to question every single thing I eat, which is all great motivation to blissfully stay at least a bit in the dark for now.  As I mentioned on here yesterday, however, I am going to seriously try to kick some RA butt with food over the next few months and it seems that giving up animal-based food of any kind will actually be very beneficial (I will write a post later about the connection between inflammation, acidity, and animal food).

So I am not sure whether I should just dive in, watch these two films, and kiss eggs and cheese and fish good-bye, or kiss them good-bye and then keep these two films in my back pocket as future motivation for when I start questioning my decision.  Well maybe not questioning but feeling lazy about it.

Any suggestions?  I will keep you posted on my decision when I come to one.

what would the cow suggest?


One thought on “this little piggy

  1. I thought Food Inc. was going to be really horrific but it was more about the economy of food than the actual issues of mass-farming (although there are definitely some queasy parts). You won’t go vegan from it ;)

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