take a big bite

Ever since I was diagnosed with RA I have known that food would be a huge influence on how I feel and how my condition develops, or doesn’t.  I have made the decision to really stop being half-assed about it and do tons of research and give it my all over the next few months.  Although I have not had a flare up for over a year, I still have almost constant pain that I have just accepted as part of my daily life.  There is something wrong with that.

There will be oh so many more posts about this to come I am sure, but for an idea of some of my resources, check out the below docs.

Crazy, Sexy, Cancer – Kris Carr is absolutely amazing!  I heart her so much!

Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead – juice fasting!  This Aussie has re-opened me contemplating getting a juicer(again), I have been going back and forth about this for years!

Forks Over Knives – I think everyone should watch this.  Yes it only truly presents one side, but at least the information presented is mostly based on clinical and scientific medical research.  My only criticism is that it only shows “success stories”.  What about the cancer patients who tried lifestyle changes but still succumbed to their disease, for example?  The doc starts with a disclaimer that this is not to be used in place of medical intervention/consultation but I still worry about people watching this and potentially going too extreme and too fast.  Just keep things like these in mind and stay critical while watching, but still worth consideration I believe.  Plus watching a firefighter go UP a fire pole using only his arm strength while chanting “Real.  Men.  Eat.  Plants.” is kinda awesome.

Let food be thy medicine.  –  Hippocrates


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