2013 is going to start off on a very high note for me as on the 25th of January I am boarding the first of two flights that will take me halfway around the world to Taiwan!  My older sister (aka Ana-banana) has been living in Taipei for a few years now and I have finally been able to make the trip to see her.  I am going to be there for two weeks so I hope to see all sorts of neat-o stuff. I have never been anywhere remotely close to that part of the world before so I am very excited (and anxious) about what it will all be like.

Although I am stoked about my actual time in Taiwan I am already so nervous about the flights.  I have one layover on my way there, and two on my way back and the combined travel time will be about 1 day each way.  I am not a huge fan of flying and the long legs of both trips (about 14 hours on the way there and 11 on the way back) will be the longest I have ever been on a plane in one go.  I am pretty sure I am going to have to get some sort of sleeping pills from my doctor as I cannot fall asleep on planes, or trains or buses for that matter, and I would really like to be able to spend at least part of my time blissfully zonked out in my seat.  Especially since I am pretty sure I will be all out of sorts anyway due to the huge time difference.  Because of  daylight savings time Taiwan is currently 13 hours ahead of Toronto (they are 12 hours ahead the rest of the time), so although I am leaving on a Friday I will be arriving in Taiwan on a Sunday…and that messes with my brain just thinking about it.  Somewhere in there I am going to lose a whole day.  So weird.

Anyway, I guess it is now time to start planning and writing up packing lists (which I actually nerdily wholeheartedly enjoy doing) and although my sister and her boyfriend have been living in Taiwan for a long time now, I would like to do some of my own research about places I would like to see and not completely rely on them to show me around.  However, in terms of delicious food, they are more than welcome to lead me from place to place and order for me.  I am so excited about the food!  Nom nom nom nom.

just over two months to go!
source: http://www.inventorsdigest.com




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